Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Why do families choose Open Window School? Because we have a proven record of providing a program that offers high challenge and high support to the gifted students in our care. Our mission is our goal and our North star, now and always.
This year, the COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique set of school-related parameters and challenges, but our shared goal of providing the most robust program, whether we are on campus or online, perseveres.
We have designed a Distance Program Mode (in which all instruction is remote) and a Hybrid Program Mode (in which some instruction is on campus and some is remote). Both modes include rigorous academics with synchronous and asynchronous instruction, plus programmatic opportunities for community and connection including: advisory, morning meetings, class meetings, continued access to the innovation and technology resources, and clubs. We will not be offering athletics this fall.

Distance Program Mode

When in Distance Program Mode, instruction will be delivered remotely. This summer we refined and improved our Distance Program by taking into account what we know about child and adolescent development, current research about teaching and learning online, the uniqueness of gifted populations, and feedback from the OWS community in June. When possible, based on public guidelines, we will create organized, program-driven opportunities for small groups to meet on campus.

Hybrid Program Mode

When in Hybrid Program Mode, instruction will be delivered at school on some days and remotely on others. The schedule was carefully created to provide a safe program while taking students’ age and stage of development into consideration. Schedules will be published in advance so families can plan. Students will be in small cohorts and have a dedicated classroom. Teachers will travel to classes when appropriate.
Find ALL calendar events on the password protected MOW calendar.
Supporting Families Adversely Impacted by COVID-19
During this challenging time, Open Window School is committed to do our very best to support families who are adversely impacted by COVID-19. Community is a core value of our school, and we want to support and retain our families through this crisis. We encourage families who need support to contact our Controller, Mary Kern (email maryk@ows.org or call 425-214-0540).
There are various ways we can offer support, including restructuring tuition payment schedules or offering initial, temporary financial aid. As every family’s circumstances are unique, the process should always begin with a conversation with Ms. Kern, who is available on weekdays between 8-4.
The Board of Trustees has appropriated additional COVID-19 Emergency Financial Support funds. If your conversation with Ms. Kern determines that initial or additional financial aid is a possibility, families will be asked to complete a Request for Emergency Financial Support due to COVID-19 Pandemic form.
Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.