About Us

Board of Trustees

Open Window School is a Washington non-profit, section 501 (c) (3) corporation. A self-perpetuating Board of Trustees governs the school and holds it “in trust” for future generations of students.

The Open Window Board of Trustees is composed of parents and professionals from the education and business communities. All members serve as volunteers and are committed to making Open Window a quality educational institution. The Head of School and the Parent Association President(s) are ex-officio, non-voting, members of the Board.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the integrity and financial viability of the school. Working closely with the Head of School, it sets long-range policies to fulfill the mission of the school and lead it successfully into the future. The Head of School is the Board’s only employee. The Head of School administers policies, hires, evaluates and dismisses all school employees, and guides the day-to-day operation of the school.

Board membership is a multi-step process that is coordinated by the Board's Trusteeship Committee, which evaluates the professional and personal skills that are needed on the Board to best serve the school. Potential Board members must be voted in by a two-thirds majority of the current Board members. Board terms are three-year commitments and may be re-elected for one additional term.

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Cydnie Horwat
Vice President
Chad Fletcher
Jeff Derstadt
Nancy Woo
Glynis Abdallah
Thao Blanchard
Jason Boerner
Liz Bohlin
Michael Crowson
Vince Curley
Andrea Dancs
Susan Gellatly
Kevin Gruben
William Kennedy
Mona Khanuja
Shona Smith
Mike Tholfsen
Moz Thomas 
Chuck Whitmer
David Blachman, Honorary Trustee
Nancy Robinson, Honorary Trustee
Kalai Wineland, Honorary Trustee
Ex-Officio Members    
Jeff Stroebel, Head of School
Dalynn Farris, PA Co-President
Stacie Smith, PA Co-President


Executive: The Executive Committee facilitates effective Board meetings, advises and evaluates the Head of School and oversees legal, corporate, regulatory and governance issues on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Finance: The Finance Committee supports the Board of Trustees in its’ fiduciary responsibilities, including state, federal, and banking regulatory compliance, and internal control oversight. Working in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, the committee reviews, recommends, and monitosr the annual audit; annual and five-year budgets; provides cash, investment, and asset oversight; and monitors the annual business office compliance calendar.

Development: The Development Committee works in conjunction with the Director of Development to develop financial resources other than tuition to fulfill the mission of the Open Window School.  The committee champions and exercises oversight over all forms of school fundraising, including the Open Window Fund, auction, and capital campaigns.

Trusteeship: The Trusteeship Committee reviews the school's strategic goals and plans to identify the skills, experiences, and relationships required by the Board in the present and in the future.  The committee nominates candidates for the Board and recommends members of Board committees.  The committee also leads an annual process of Board review and advises the Board on issues of governance and recommends policies and practices to strengthen the good work of the Board.

Parent Association: The objective of the Open Window Parent Association is to support and enhance the mission of the school. The Parent Association works to create a vibrant parent community and promote a healthy learning environment through the sponsorship of community social events, parent education programs, coordination of volunteer support, and community service.