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Portrait of a Graduate

Open Window School graduates are empathetic, innovative problem solvers and passionate, purposeful global citizens.

Alumni Reunion 2017

Open Window School graduates currently attend The Bush School, Eastside Catholic, Eastside Prep, Forest Ridge, Lakeside, Overlake, Seattle Academy, UW Transition School, University Prep, and various area public high schools.

The Open Window Class of 2014 recently graduated from high school and are continuing their studies at Amherst, Art Institute of Chicago, Ballet West Academy, Bellevue College, Bryn Mawr, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Carnegie Mellon, Claremont McKenna, College of the Atlantic, Columbia, Howard, James Madison, Marquette, Macalester, Middlebury, Northeastern, Pomona, Smith, St. Louis University, Stanford, University of Texas, University of San Diego, University of St. Andrews (UK), University of Washington, Vanderbilt, Williams, and Yale.
We love to hear from our alumni, please keep in touch with us through Facebook or email: alumni@ows.org. Each spring we plan a reunion for Open Window alumni.

If you are an Open Window School alumni, please take a moment to join your Open Window Alumni Group on Facebook and keep up with current news and events. Thank you to the many alumni who keep us in the loop with your exciting news and adventures. Find out who earned a pilot license, who traveled to Senegal for a year of service abroad, who is performing in local productions around town, and who is releasing an album. 

Find out what our alumni have to say:

“But this school is different, the community has something I’ve never seen,
From various schools, the place a community I’ve never been.
Over the years I started to realize how inclusive a community Open Window really is,
Its open doors and welcoming smiles, now that is something I will miss.”
-Poem by Kasen, Class of 2016
"Our teachers who are our advisors and publishers, critics and facilitators, thank you for guiding us through our many years and proving us as students, writers and people.”
-Eliana, Class of 2015
“The closely-knit, family-like environment has allowed me to flourish as a person and to grow into the young man I’ve become today.”
-Jack, Class of 2013
"This is a place where we have learned to step out of our comfort zone and try new activities, test new theories and share new feelings; a place where we have come to believe in ourselves and our potential; a place where we have learned to ask for help and help others; a place where we have established a community of love and acceptance."
-Serena, Class of 2014
“At Open Window School I learned what it meant to be a good friend, student, learner and leader…in high school I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and receiving feedback from teachers and peers.”
-Elise, Class of 2012