Partnerships & Hallmark Trips

Middle school classes spend several days each month off-campus in partnerships with various community resources.  The primary goals of partnerships are to enrich current curriculum, provide a broader life experience through cultural immersion and community service learning, inspire students about new possible careers and subjects, and create lasting memories through experiential education.
Middle School partnerships relate directly to the core curriculum and grade level themes. Partnerships can occur both on and off-campus. Many of these experiences build on-going relationships with community professionals, leaders and service institutions.
Hallmark Trips
Middle School Hallmark Trips are an Open Window School spring tradition of fifth grade through eighth grade level experiences that deeply enrich the curriculum and the relationships within our class community. These experiences are intended to build confidence, self-awareness, and empathy, while broadening students’ understanding of the Northwest and beyond. They connect classroom learning to real world applications locally and globally.  The cost of these trips is additional to tuition, and financial aid is available.

Fifth Grade Hallmark Trip

Fifth grade students travel to NatureBridge in Olympic National Park, engaging in a number of adventure activities and studying environmental science and conservation of natural resources. Students conduct team experiments and learn about the Elwha Dam Removal Project, the largest in history.

Seventh Grade Hallmark Trip

Designed to broaden students’ humanities curricular experience, seventh grade students travel to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. Students spend six days studying Shakespeare, theater and playwriting and also experience camping, snowshoeing and whitewater rafting.

Sixth Grade Hallmark Trip

The sixth grade trip is designed to enrich the science curriculum and build personal confidence with an experience sailing in the San Juan Islands in Washington. Students design and conduct oceanographic field study as well as learn to independently sail, navigate and prepare meals. We have worked with Salish Sea Expeditions for six years and found it to be an ideal personal growth opportunity for middle school students growing up in the Northwest. 

Eighth Grade Hallmark Trip

The eighth grade trip culminates the experience at Open Window School as students travel internationally, are immersed in a new culture, practice their skills in a second language and engage in a number of scientific and adventure activities. The eighth grade class travels to Costa Rica for ten days where they experience living with a homestay family in a rural town, immersing themselves with native Spanish speakers, completing a service project for a local rural school, conducting self-designed science experiments, as well as ziplining, white-water rafting and snorkeling.