Affording Open Window

The cost of tuition should not be a barrier to considering whether Open Window School would be a great fit for your child. The financial aid program is to provide financial assistance to families for whom, without such assistance, an Open Window education would not be an option. We seek to offer our students a learning environment that is representative of our surrounding community: socially, culturally, and economically. This year 16% of our students receive needs-based tuition assistance in the form of financial aid. Currently more than $1.1 million in need-based aid is provided to families annually, and that total continues to grow every year. There is a wide range of aid awards that a family may qualify for. In the 2023-2024 school year, families receiving financial aid pay between $2,500-$36,800 annually for tuition, representing aid awards covering approximately 4%-93% of tuition. We encourage families to apply for financial aid, as we believe that socio-economic diversity benefits all families in our community. 

for the 2023-2024 school year is $38,160 for grades K-4 and $42,780 for grades 5-8. Everything that happens within the school day is covered by tuition, including overnight trips, which begin in fourth grade. A deposit of $1,500 is required with the contract, and families can choose from three different payment plans for the remainder of tuition: one in-full payment, quarterly payments, or ten monthly payments. Before and after school care, transportation, and any extracurricular activities will incur an additional cost. 
In addition to tuition assistance, Open Window School offers enrichment aid for programs not covered by tuition. We will strive to meet the aid requests for the bus transportation program, extra-curricular school programs, such as after-school clubs and athletics, and other eligible cost of attendance and fee-charging school activities. These programs are offered to enrich a student’s Open Window experience and provide activities to strengthen social interactions and community involvement. Enrichment aid is not limited to those families currently receiving tuition assistance. Expenses incurred for the use of the before and after school care program are factored into Financial Aid Awards. Consequently, there is no separate aid for before and after school childcare.   

Financial Aid is awarded based on a family's ability to pay, not their willingness to pay. A variety of criteria are considered, including income (taxable and nontaxable), assets, number of dependents, age of parents, number of children attending tuition-based schools, number of parents who are working, etc. This information is balanced with data about living expenses, medical costs, indebtedness, and other factors such as child support and legal expenses. 
To gather information and objectively evaluate it, Open Window School utilizes Clarity for Financial Aid, a third-party provider specializing in user-friendly financial aid application and analysis services. All financial aid application information, including requested supporting documentation, should be submitted to Clarity
Please see our Tuition Assistance Policy for more information about our Philosophy and Guidelines, including the requirement that dual household families (separated, divorced, never married) submit financial information for both households. 
Please contact our Controller, Hongmei Li, with any questions you have about financial aid at Open Window School. 

Contact the Financial Aid Office

Questions regarding the Open Window School financial aid process?
Hongmei Li

Tuition for 2024-2025

Tuition for 2024-2025
Lower School (K-4)    $38,160
Middle School (5-8)   $42,780

2023-2024 Percentage of students on financial aid: 16% 

Aid by Income 
Household income level is just one of many factors used to calculate an award. The table below represents averages from 2023-2024 OWS financial aid recipients and should be taken as general guideline only. 
Household Income Level 
Average Family Contribution 
Towards Tuition
 Under $125,000 
$125,000 - $200,000 
Over $200,000 

Financial Aid Application D
February 1, 2024
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