Required Testing

IQ Testing

At Open Window School, we stay true to our mission of nurturing and inspiring gifted learners, both intellectually and creatively. 
When evaluating prospective students, we seek: 
  • Curiosity and engagement in learning 
  • Original and deep thinking 
  • Creative and adaptable problem-solving skills 
  • Divergent and critical thinking abilities 
  • Collaborative and constructive communication skills 
As part of our admissions process for K-8, we require an IQ assessment. We accept the WPPSI-IV for children aged 3 years 10 months to 5 years 11 months, and the WISC-V for children aged 6 and above. 
The Wechsler IQ tests measure overall cognitive abilities, including language, math, reasoning, and perceptual-motor skills. However, they do not capture other key attributes such as motivation, curiosity, creativity, adaptability, and social skills, which are assessed through additional steps in our admissions process. 

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  • What is IQ Testing?

    IQ tests measure verbal and non-verbal cognitive aptitude (learning potential). While we do not publish specific cut-off scores, in general, students who are a good fit for Open Window score in the top 95th percentile and above. 

    Because the IQ test is a cognitive, rather than an achievement test, children should not be prepped for the test. When children are exposed to test content, preparation exercises, and testing tasks, they often exhibit test-taking behavior that indicates prior exposure, and their results are thereby invalid. Psychologists are bound to report this prior exposure in their full report, and Open Window may not accept these scores. Children must wait one year before being re-administered the same cognitive test. 
  • Why does Open Window require testing?

    Open Window School has almost 40 years of experience in gifted education. Through this experience, we have learned that the rigors of our program are not the right fit for every student. As we work with families in the application process, our job is to help everyone involved decide if Open Window and your child are a good match. We use several different components to determine a good fit including the parent narratives, an applicant visit, a teacher recommendation/evaluation, and your child’s test scores on an IQ test.  We have seen that student scores on these tests often predict their readiness for our program, making them an important part of our admissions process. 
  • Is there a minimum score?

    The IQ assessment is the initial step in our application process to determine if Open Window School might be the right fit for your child. This test offers a snapshot of your child's cognitive abilities at a specific moment and gives us valuable insights into how they handle various tasks. 

    We have found that students who score around 125 (95th percentile) or higher on the Wechsler IQ test typically excel in our program. We encourage you to share your child's results, regardless of the score, so we can assess their eligibility to proceed and provide you with guidance on the next steps. 

    For those who qualify, our admissions committee takes a comprehensive view of each child. We consider factors such as developmental readiness, language skills, academic strengths, motivation, curiosity, social intelligence, resilience, and creative thinking. These attributes are evaluated through various parts of the admissions process, including the applicant visit day and evaluation forms from their current school.
  • Is there financial assistance to help cover the cost of the IQ assessment?

    Yes, assistance is available to cover a portion of the cost for families who qualify. Please email us at for more details. 
  • How old does my child need to be to take the IQ test?

    We recommend that children be at least 4 years old for the assessment to provide the most accurate information. However, children as young as 3 years and 10 months are eligible to take the Wechsler IQ test. These scores are age-adjusted and based on extensive studies of children in similar age groups. 

    Naturally, young children show variation in their ability to focus and perform tasks. Some might not yet be ready for the hour-long assessment. Additionally, for multilingual children with a primary language other than English, an early assessment might not fully reflect their cognitive abilities. If you have any concerns about your child's readiness, please contact our Admissions Office for further information. 

    We recommend taking the IQ assessment the summer before applying (June–August) or by mid-November. This timeframe ensures that your child can fully participate in all aspects of our admissions process. 
  • How do I schedule an IQ assessment for my child?

    We provide a list of licensed psychologists in our area. Inclusion on this list in no way acts an endorsement of a psychologist. This list is provided solely to ease the burden on families for finding a psychologist for testing. Before scheduling an appointment, please ensure that the psychologist administers the WPPSI-IV for children under six and the WISC-V for children over six. 

    Assistance is available to cover a portion of the cost for families who qualify. Please email us at for more details. 
  • What if English isn’t my child’s first language or if my child isn’t completely fluent in English?

    At Open Window School, primary instruction is in English, so students need to be fluent in spoken English before joining us. As a result, the admissions process, including the IQ assessment, is conducted entirely in English. 

    If English is not your child’s first language, please inform the psychologist conducting your child’s IQ test when scheduling the assessment. This information is crucial for the psychologist to have in advance. While the administration, content, and scoring of the assessment remain the same, knowing your child's language background helps the psychologist interpret the results accurately. The Wechsler instructions are in English, and the scores are based on norms established for English-speaking children. 

Achievement Testing

Students applying to third grade or higher must also submit achievement testing, specifically a reading and math score. This can be standardized group testing from a current or previous school (ITBS, etc) or can be administered privately.  
For applicants to fifth through eighth grade, we will accept, but do not require the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test. Families can register for the ISEE or SSAT online, and include Open Window School to receive the results of the test. Our ISEE code is 481722 and our SSAT code is 5543 

List of licensed psychologists:

ABCD, Inc.

Caitlin Ames

Mariam Araujo

Nicole Bain

Karen Barnes

Kawena Begay

Amy Bohlander

Stephanie Brewer

Kate Daderko

Heather Davis

Anna DiNoto

Taja Estrada

Julia Gorelik

Crystal Gray

Jessica Greenson
Steven Katz

Stephanie King
Kristi C. Kwon

Julie McNeill

Patricia Oppenheim

Rosalind Oti

Elizabeth Viney

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