Required Testing

IQ Testing

An individual IQ test administered by a licensed psychologist is required of all applicants and measures verbal and non-verbal cognitive aptitude (learning potential). It is not an achievement test, which measures learned academic content. To be considered for admission to Open Window School, applicants must achieve a full scale or composite score at the 95th percentile or above. This score is an indicator of a child’s potential for success at Open Window. If your child does not score at or above the 95th percentile, please contact our office, if you would like to further discuss whether Open Window is the best match for your child.

Because the IQ test is cognitive, rather than an achievement test, children should not be prepped for the test. When children are exposed to test content, preparation exercises and testing tasks, they often exhibit test-taking behavior that indicates prior exposure. Psychologists are bound to report this prior exposure in their full report, and Open Window may be unable to accept the results as valid. Children must wait one year before being re-administered the same cognitive test. Some helpful advice about what to tell your child about an IQ test can be found here.  Although it can be administered to younger children, we recommend waiting until your child is 4 ½. Test results are valid for two years.  

For students younger than 6 years old we accept the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI-IV). For students older than 6 years of age we accept the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V).  We are also willing to consider the Stanford-Binet, V, the KABC-II NU, or the DAS-II. If your student attends a full-time public school gifted program, we are willing to accept the test results that qualified them for that program.  

We suggest scheduling this as soon as possible, as many examiners book out far into the future. While it is our preference that the test be administered in-person, we are willing to accept virtual administrations of an IQ test. Families (especially those with younger children) should think carefully about whether a virtual administration will be able to capture their child's true cognitive ability. 
Families must have IQ testing done privately by a licensed psychologist. Examiner’s schedules can fill quickly, so we recommend scheduling your child’s testing as early as possible. If the financial burden of an IQ test is a hardship on your family, aid is available to cover a portion of the cost. Please contact our Director of Enrollment Management & Outreach, Calley Hart for more details.

Achievement Testing

Students applying to third grade or higher must also submit achievement testing, specifically a reading and math score. This can be standardized group testing from a current or previous school (ITBS, etc) or can be administered privately.  
For applicants to fifth through eighth grade, we will accept, but do not require the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test. Families can register for the ISEE or SSAT online, and include Open Window School to receive the results of the test. Our ISEE code is 481722 and our SSAT code is 5543 

List of licensed psychologists:

ABCD, Inc.

Caitlin Ames

Mariam Araujo

Nicole Bain

Karen Barnes

Kawena Begay

Amy Bohlander

Stephanie Brewer

Kate Daderko

Taja Estrada

Julia Gorelik

Crystal Gray

Jessica Greenson

Angela Hungelmann
206-729-2829 x2
Steven Katz
Kristi C. Kwon

Julie McNeill

Patricia Oppenheim

Rosalind Oti

Emily Rastall


Elizabeth Viney
Sharon Xie

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