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The field of gifted education is rich in research and resources. We are pleased to share some additional resources and sources of information regarding the students that Open Window is dedicated to serve. We also regularly share articles of interest through Twitter @OWSBobcat and the Gifted News section of this website. 
The community of parents and educators of gifted children is wonderfully collaborative; if you find something else of value, please let us know by email or Twitter (@OWSBobcat).
Student weaving a large dream catcher
Visitors are probably familiar with most of these organizations. NAGC is the leading national organization in the field, but the Davidson website contains an increasingly abundant source for valuable information. The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development programs provide off-level testing (which can help better assess the potential of gifted students than on grade-level standardized testing), information for parents and students, and summer enrichment possibilities. The Robinson Center supports both enrichment and the University of Washington’s early entrance program for gifted high school students. In addition to organizations, here is some specific information that may be helpful:

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