Special Programs



At Open Window School, our Spanish program is not just about learning a language—it is about fostering curiosity, celebrating diversity, and nurturing global citizens who can communicate and connect across cultures. From the earliest years in lower school to the enriched experiences of middle school, our Spanish program offers a cohesive journey that empowers students to communicate confidently and authentically in Spanish. Through exploratory lessons, thematic units, and immersive experiences, students embark on a linguistic journey that encompasses language proficiency, cultural awareness, and personal growth.

Lower School


Open Window School's lower school Spanish program is designed to ignite a lifelong passion for language learning. Rooted in the belief that language is a bridge to cultures, our exploratory program introduces students to Spanish with vibrant stories, music, and games. Our curriculum resonates with student needs, interests, and daily lives, fostering the development of essential speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills in Spanish.

Spanish in the Primary Grades: Building Foundations
Young learners journey through story-driven units focused on a variety of topics that include animals, colors, numbers, feelings, family, weather, clothing, and community places. Movement, music, and play are key components of class time. This phase lays the groundwork for confident speaking and understanding, introducing them to the magic of language as they begin their language learning experience.

Spanish in the Intermediate Grades: Deepening Connections
In third and fourth grades, students delve further into the Spanish language. Thematic units encompassing body parts, food, sports, hobbies, school, music, and homes enrich their language skills. Here, the focus expands to include a greater emphasis on building reading comprehension and writing skills, preparing them for more advanced language studies in middle school. Students self-assess their proficiency levels in reading, writing, speaking, and listening at the conclusion of their K-4 Spanish experience using the Avant STAMP (Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency) test.

Middle School


The middle school Spanish program builds on the lower school foundation, enriching students' language skills for confident communication. Beyond proficiency, the program emphasizes cultural competence, deepening knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world's products, practices, and perspectives. The pinnacle of this journey is an eighth-grade hallmark trip to a Spanish-speaking country, where students practice their language skills and cultural awareness as global citizens.

Central to our program is fostering individual progress and communication goals. Guided by proficiency benchmarks, students advance at their own pace. Each year, students self-assess their proficiency levels through the ACTFL Assessment Performance Toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL), receiving valuable feedback on their journey.

Our four-year curriculum encompasses a rich array of topics, aligned with the AAPPL benchmarks, including arts, community life, culture, current events, daily life, economy, education, entertainment, food, healthy living, history, professions, science, technology, travel, and more.
Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.