Special Programs

Physical Education (PE)

Open Window School's Physical Education program embraces a comprehensive approach that goes beyond physical activities. Our K-8 curriculum extends its focus to encompass mental and emotional well-being. Many classes include mindfulness exercises, instilling in students the invaluable skill of self-regulation, enabling them to maintain composure and concentration during physical exertion, competitions, and various stressful life situations.

We are committed to exposing our students to a diverse array of sports and physical activities while instilling a philosophy of self-awareness concerning effort, participation, and competition. Physical exercise, with its unparalleled capacity to generate positive energy and self-assurance, empowers our students to engage more confidently in various aspects of life. Additionally, sports and physical activities provide ample opportunities for students to cultivate essential community-building skills such as teamwork, fair play, and good sportsmanship. Our activities are guided by the principle of "challenge by choice," which encourages students to extend their boundaries and embrace risk while respecting their personal comfort zones and prior experiences.

Our work is to prepare students for a lifetime of physical activity and the initial step of introducing them to enjoyable and individualized activities is just the beginning. This journey takes shape through a wide array of individual and team sports, as well as other games and physical pursuits. Lower School PE classes include, among others, activities such as running, yoga, parkour, soccer, basketball, Gaga Ball, and climbing. Additional activities encompass jumping rope, speed stacking, and recess games from around the world.

In middle school PE classes, we continue to emphasize holistic physical fitness and collaborative activities, but at more advanced levels of skill, strategy, and complexity. These classes also delve into specific sports such as rugby, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and frisbee, and also incorporate elements of wilderness skills such as hiking, knot-tying, map orienteering, and basic first aid. Moreover, our program incorporates scientific and social studies dimensions, including the study of human anatomy and exploration of the stories of courageous athletes who have driven positive social change.

Additionally, as an integral component of holistic well-being, our middle school classes incorporate a health, sexuality, and relationship curricula to aid students in navigating the physical and social challenges of puberty.
Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.