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  • Choose the order of the courses you would like for your full-day experience. You only need to choose one option per week.
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  • If you have not previously registered for a summer program or after school program with us, you will be prompted to set up your account with Camp Brain before registering.


Level 1 Entering Kindergarten
Level 2 Entering 1st and 2nd Grade
Level 3 Entering 3rd and 4th Grade
Level 4 Entering 5th to 7th Grade
Teacher Assistant Program Entering 8th to 12th Grade

Course Offerings:

Procedures, Protocols, and FAQs:

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. COVID-19 Protcols?

    1. Daily attestation forms must be completed before arriving on campus. There are 6 yes or no questions to answer. The school uses SchoolPass for the form. You will receive a welcome email within the next week from SchoolPass walking you through how to set up your account. Current Open Window families will need to set up an account as well as this is a summer specific program separate from our school year program.
    2. Masks must be worn at all times by anyone who is on campus regardless of vaccination status. The only exceptions are in designated mask break areas and whilst students are eating. The school follows the CDC mask guidance. The school has a stock of masks on hand that can be handed out if a mask gets soiled or needs replacing. We ask that families send 2 masks with their student in case one needs to get replaced.
    3. Programs will be held outside except in certain situations, such as with some of our technology based programs. In these cases, classroom physical distancing requirements of 6 feet will be met as specified by DOH guidance. Each class will have a designated classroom space to use in case of severe weather – high temperatures, heavy rain, thunderstorms etc. – or they need a quick break from the outdoors. All classrooms are set up to meet the physical distancing guidelines set by the state.
    4. If an indoor space is being used, all windows will be open to allow good ventilation. Additionally, our HVAC system use the MERV-13 filters and the settings have been adjusted to maximize air refreshment rates in the rooms – approx. every 10-12 minutes.
    5. All eating times will take place outside. Students will sit at least 6 feet apart while their masks are off. There will be no talking allowed while masks are off. Once they are done eating, masks will go back on, and they will be able to talk with other students who are masked.
    6. Hands will be washed or sanitized during the following times: on arrival, when transitioning to a new class, after recess, before and after eating, or any time the teacher feels it is needed.
    7. Students will be in cohorts for the week and rotate through the activities in this group. Due to changes in guidelines, max cohort sizes will now be between 10-14 based on age group. Cohorts will not mix with any other cohort during the week.
  • Q. Post Travel Quarantine Policy?

    For individuals who are vaccinated:
    Once individuals (employees and campers) complete their vaccination cycle and are two weeks post second shot, they do not need to quarantine after travel. This follows recommendations from CDC, DOH and King County public health officials. If vaccinated individuals travel internationally, they should get tested 3-5 days after return.

    For individuals who are not vaccinated:
    Per updated CDC travel guidelines unvaccinated individuals must get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel if they travel by plane, Greyhound bus, or train. Campers may return to camp after their self-quarantine period.

    Families must disclose all travel under the above circumstances to the Summer Program Director – If this policy affects your scheduled attendance at camp, we will work with you on alternative options.
  • Q. Medication Requirements?

    If your child has any medications that need to be stored at school please complete this medication authorization form and email it back to us. Alternatively, your doctor’s office can fax it to us at 425-562-4035.

    There are two options for medication drop off. You can either drop off the week before your child’s program begins or you can drop it off with a staff member during drop off on the first day of camp. 
    Please place the medication in a Ziploc bag and write your campers name on the outside. 
  • Q. Do you have a lunch program?

    No, you will need to pack your child(ren) a lunch as we do not have a lunch program.  We also have a snack period in the morning and afternoon so please pack two snacks. We will not have the capacity to heat any food at lunch time.
  • Q. Reduced Number of Total Camps?

    We have decreased the overall size of our program to limit the total number of individuals on campus in any given week.
  • Q. Set Cohorts?

    Students will be assigned a cohort for the week and will stay with this group as they rotate throughout the day. Cohorts are limited to 14 students.
  • Q. Full Day Only Schedule?

    At this time, we will only offer full day programs. If guidance changes, we may be able to add half day offerings later.
  • Q. Offering Changes?

    Full Day Multi-topic
    • Level 1: There will be 2 programs offered each week. Students will attend one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can choose the order.
    • Level 2: There will be 3 programs offered each week. Students will attend all 3 each day.
    • Level 3: There will be 3 programs offered each week. Students will attend all 3 each day.
    • Level 4: To allow a deeper dive into a topic, there will only be 2 programs offered each week. Students will do 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.
    Full Day Single Topic
    • Levels 3 and 4: There are full day options where students will do one topic for the full week.
  • Q. More Outdoor Time?

    All our camps will have a dedicated outdoor space where most of their activities will take place. Physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet will be followed throughout the day.
  • Q. Increased Support Staff?

    We will hire more Instructional Assistants to provide recess supervision and rotation help for the smaller groups.
  • Q. Revised Drop-Off Procedures?

    Drop-off will include a daily health screening and campers will go directly to their outdoor meeting site. Parents will need to remain in their cars during drop off.
  • Q. Masks and Sanitation Procedures?

    All campers and teachers will wear masks and follow public health guidelines surrounding handwashing and cleaning procedures throughout the day. During the transition time between activities, equipment will be sanitized before the next group arrives.
  • Q. Eating During the Day?

    Snacks and Lunch will be eaten outside in each program’s designated meeting spot. Students will sit at least 6 feet apart while eating.
  • Q. Mask Breaks?

    Designated benches will be used for students who need to take a mask break during the day.
  • Q. No Extended Care?

    To prevent cross-group interactions, we have eliminated extended care from our program. Pick-up for all full-day campers will run from 3:45 to 4:00PM.
  • Q. Alternative Options?

    As teachers design camps, they are preparing a contingency option—either outdoor-only or virtual—to ensure that we can adapt if necessary. Some programs will offer a virtual program and there is a virtual offering each week for Level 4.
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