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July 1-3: Level 1 (Entering Kindergarten) We have added the Magic and Illusions Theme Camp for our Level 1 Campers.

July 22-26: Level 4 - Digital Music Making with Garage Band

Digital Music Making with GarageBand iOS is a class that will provide kids with a brief introduction to the world of digital music making. GarageBand iOS has an easy-to-use interface and a great collection of touch instruments that make song creation simple and fun. In the class kids will learn create music using the touch instruments and loops. They will learn to arrange and play guitar, drums, keyboard, synth and string tracks to create cohesive songs. They will learn basic music theory and song structure as they experiment with different sounds, key signatures, time signatures, loops, and instruments.  

Our catalog is available to view under the Course Catalog section.

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About our Summer Program

Open Window Summer Program welcomes all kids entering kindergarten through 7th grades and offers Teaching Assistant opportunities to 8th through 12th graders.

Week-long classes provide engaging experiences designed to encourage creative and critical thinking, experimentation, and discovery.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Open Window School this summer! Our programs are available to both Open Window students and the public. Our summer programs are run by our school year faculty and staff, partners who offer after school classes at Open Window during the school year, and professional visiting artists. We offer a wide range of topics including chess, parkour, drama, African dance and drumming, robotics, and much more.

Open Window Theme Camps for students in Levels 1-3. Campers will spend the full day at camp undertaking a variety of activities based around the theme for that week. Activities will be hands on, engaging and fun, and will touch upon lots of different subject areas – including crafts, sports, and music to name a few!

  • Level 1-3 students
    • Specialty Class - Select one morning class and a different afternoon class to create your camp experience!
    • Open Window Theme Camp - Select this option to spend the week with the same group of kids and instructors! Build community by exploring the theme together and sharing your creations and activities with students in other levels exploring the same theme. A different theme is offered each week for Levels 1-3.
    • Level 3 Drama Camp - One full day class that spans the course of two weeks
  • Level 4 students
    • Half Day – One morning or afternoon class
    • Full Day – A morning and afternoon class per day
    • Drama Camp – One full day class that spans the course of two weeks
  • Teacher Assistant (TA) Program
    • Full Day – 3-day training week in Week 1 plus either Week 2+3 OR Week 4+5
  • Before and After Care available
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Join us!

Open Window School runs 5 weeks of summer programs every year for students entering kindergarten-7th grade, as well as a Teacher Assistant program for students entering 8th-12th grades. 

What are the benefits of these programs and why should you choose ours?

During our summer program, friendly, experienced teachers lead activities full of hands-on projects including art, technology, sports, science, nature, crafts, and more! By offering 3-4 specialty classes each week, campers have the option to mix and match classes to create the ideal camp experience tailored for them. For those campers who want to try their hand at lots of different activities, our themed camps allow campers to explore a theme throughout the week, such as learning to be a secret agent, taking part in a carnival, or going to the moon!

One of the greatest benefits of our summer program is the ability for campers to socialize and meet new people. During an extended break like summer, kids often find it difficult to form or maintain friendships with peers their own age. It has been found that outside of their siblings or cousins, most kids mainly interact with adults when they are not in school. Not only do campers develop important life skills through socializing – such as sharing, setting boundaries, and problem-solving – they are learning how to develop strong, healthy relationships through interacting with their peers.

Each of our programs incorporates aspects of learning, exploring, character building, and personal growth. You can be certain that your child will not only be entertained, but also educated, and challenged during their time with us. While they are having fun and exploring their own interests, they are also increasing their own capacities for learning, teamwork, problem solving, knowledge, and self-awareness.

Come join us this summer. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.