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Language Arts

Literacy, encompassing reading, writing, listening, and speaking, is a fundamental part of education. At Open Window, our literacy program evolves alongside our students. In the lower school, we base our language arts curriculum primarily on the Collaborative Literacy Suite published by the Center for the Collaborative Classroom. This curriculum stands out for its combination of research-based best practices in reading and writing instruction with an emphasis on nurturing students' growth as caring, collaborative, and principled individuals. This dual focus aligns perfectly with Open Window's core values, enabling our teachers to devote their expertise to creating enriching learning experiences for gifted students.

In Lower School

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  • Nurturing Young Readers and Writers

    While many gifted learners exhibit a strong inclination for reading and writing, neither skill is innate. Instead, we understand that mastery of language, like any other skill, depends more on deliberate practice and encouragement over the years than on inherent talent. Even the most gifted musicians, artists, athletes, and other professionals dedicate years to honing their abilities, working alongside teachers, coaches, and mentors.
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In Middle School

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  • Unveiling Literary Themes

    In middle school, our language arts curriculum continues to evolve in step with our students. Each year, the middle school language arts program revolves around a central "big theme" that connects reading and writing units.
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Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.