Lower School Grades K-4

In our lower school, we focus on nurturing young, gifted learners while establishing a solid foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics. We believe that the head and the heart are in the same body – you cannot educate one without educating the other. To that end, how we teach is as important as what we teach.
Our teaching practices create an environment conducive to social and emotional development, serving as a central component of our program. SEL principles are taught in focused lessons and also seamlessly integrated into a student's daily routine, woven into morning meetings, rule-setting exercises, interactive modeling, and guided academic exploration. These instructional approaches provide students with opportunities to apply SEL skills in genuine, everyday scenarios. We also emphasize digital citizenship and mindfulness, aligning with age-appropriate developmental milestones.

Our academic program is accelerated by one year in math and literacy while also making allowances in the primary grades for the developmental needs of our youngest learners. As students progress through our program, the content and pace begin to move faster in response to student readiness.

On one the unique hallmarks of the Open Window School lower school program are the number and variety of specialist classes available to our students. Lower school students attend weekly specialist classes in art, drama, library, music, physical education, science, Spanish, and technology and innovation. These classes are an integral part of gifted students' development throughout the lower school years, nurturing their diverse talents and passions while providing a well-rounded educational experience that encourages exploration and growth.

Our lower school classrooms are vibrant spaces of learning, where academic and social growth thrive. Each year builds upon the last, preparing students not only for the next stage in their educational journey but also for the broader challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.