A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children

by Dr. James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, Dr. Edward R. Amend, and Arlene R. DeVries.
This is the one book that every parent of a gifted child should own as it presents a topic by topic guide to virtually every aspect of giftedness (lead author James Webb is the founder of SENG). In addition to its comprehensiveness, what I really like about this book is its ability to synthesize the best information in the field in clear, easy to digest bites. Each chapter is divided into short sections that succinctly cover topics that range from “Overexcitabilities and Gifted Children” to “How Much to Push? When to Back Off?” The writing is well supported by endnote citations, yet reads in a clear, easily accessible manner. This is a book that provides both a great introduction to giftedness and a ready-reference that you will draw upon for years to come. Carolyn K “Mrs. Hoagie” of Hoagies’ Gifted Website,” rates this book six stars out of five!

Reviewed by Jeff Stroebel, Open Window School Head of School
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