Two students compete in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships

Bellevue Reporter Josh Stilts spent some time this week interviewing Jason and Tendo while playing a match with the boys. They talked about chess heroes, the experience in Durban at the World Youth Chess Championships, and their love of the game.

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Open Window students, Jason Yu and Tendo Lumala just wrapped up competition in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa which took place from September 19-30. Jason played for Team USA and Tendo played for for Uganda.

The final results are in: Jason finishing 11th in the Under 8 category and Tendo finishing 64th in the Under 10 category. We are very proud and look forward to hearing about their unique experiences.

Jason says, "Before the game people give out things that represent their country, state, or city. Those are called souvenirs." Jason has so far competed with Russian, Isreali, Australian and Vietnamese players. He explains that the Israeli player gave him, "a thing called a Lucky Eye and (the Australian player) gave me a stuffed koala holding a candy you can eat."
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