Teacher Assistant Program

Summer Program Teacher Assistant Opportunities

Each year as we gear up for our Summer Program at Open Window School, we are looking for interested teens to support the excellent summer program classes as Teacher Assistants (TAs). Some TAs are older siblings or Open Window School alumni and others come for the greater Eastside community. Though TAs may earn Community Service Hours for their high school requirement, (determined by individual TA schools), many agree the TA program is a great way to learn how to help others and have fun!
As part of the TA program, you will be assigned to a cohort or a class according to camper and teacher needs. Our Summer Program Assistant Director will provide individual check-ins with each TA as well as group training sessions where TAs will learn techniques to help them work with children. 
We are no longer accepting applications for the Teacher Assistant Program for Summer 2022. Thank you for your interest!

Teacher Assistant fees:

Week 1 - $60
Weeks 2-5 - $75

The weekly fee covers the cost of group training sessions and one to one guidance they will receive from the TA Director.


  • All TAs are expected to attend from 8:00AM-4:00PM and be prepared to assist with drop-off duty in the mornings and pick-up duty in the afternoon. 
  • Always actively engage with students and class activities.  
  • Actively assist the classroom teacher with preparing materials, helping students, and cleaning up at the end of class. 
  • Help monitor and interact with students during recess. 
    • TAs are students and are not allowed to be left in charge of other students. Staff members will always be visible, available, and in charge of recess. TAs should play and interact with students during recess. 
  • Report all injuries and discipline issues to an Open Window teacher or staff member.  
  • Attend TA group trainings and one-on-one meetings with the Summer Program Assistant Director. 
  • Proactively communicate with teachers and/or the Summer Program Assistant Director if they need clarification of their role as a TA. 
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by the Summer Program Assistant Director/classroom teacher. 
Open Window School provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.